Fueled By Passion - Mulgrew Oil Co.

Local business expands its impact by staying true to its principles 

Founded in 1893, Mulgrew Oil Co. of Dubuque, Iowa, is a fourth-generation company that deals in fuel, coolant sales, propane and lubricants. The company has seen consistent growth throughout the past 15 years, all thanks to business savvy and a tradition of passion. 

“I’m extremely proud to be where I am today,” says Jim Mulgrew, President of Mulgrew Oil. “Knowing what my forefathers did to progress the company has showed me what it takes to not only keep a business alive over the years, but to continually take it to new places.” 

A key aspect that makes the company’s longevity possible is Mulgrew’s understanding of the importance of relationships, both inside and outside the organization. “Everyone here can see Jim’s passion,” explains Tom Evans, Controller of Mulgrew Oil. “This is a place where people are loyal because they’re treated fairly, and that goes for both employees and customers.” 

Hailing from the Des Moines area, Evans is able to offer a unique perspective on Dubuque’s business environment. “There are a lot of family businesses here, and you can see all the connections. It’s great seeing local businesses support one another, and those businesses supporting the community. We’re big believers in working locally, which is part of why we choose DB&T.” 

In addition to an attentive and responsive relationship, Mulgrew Oil appreciates how DB&T’s products and services have enabled consistent growth without the addition of overhead. “Through the support DB&T provides, we’ve been able to acquire businesses that were struggling because of their size and make them profitable, all without creating additional administrative costs,” explains Evans. “It’s allowed us to be very efficient in how we operate, and I trust we’ll see more of the same from DB&T in the future.” 

The more successful a business is, the more it is able to give back to the community. “It’s just who we are, it’s what we’re supposed to do,” says Mulgrew. “Once we start giving to a cause, we don’t stop.” Some organizations benefitting from Mulgrew Oil and its employees’ generosity are numerous local boards, area families, the Make-A-Wish Foundation® and Children’s Miracle Network.

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