Small Fortune Passbook Savings

Watching a savings account grow is fun for kids under 21 years of age, and it's also a great way to teach them to save. Get into the saving habit! Build a treasure chest with a Small Fortune Savings Account from DB&T. With as little as $5, you can open an account in a child's name and start earning interest right away with no monthly maintenance fees.

Ongoing financial education is essential for our youth as they become increasingly more financially responsible. As children graduate from piggy banks to savings accounts, from savings accounts to checking accounts, the amount of responsibility becomes greater and so does the ability to spend the savings!

To further support the financial education efforts of local school districts and caregivers, we offer the Money Talks Newsletter (provided by the ABA Education Foundation) with tips, practical advice, and age-appropriate activities to bring money lessons alive for young children. These newsletters are designed for parents, grandparents and other adults to help teach children and young adults about money.

Money Talks Newsletter