Sharing the Journey - Hospice of Dubuque

Hospice of Dubuque pursues a noble mission, and DB&T helps fulfill it

Many have heard of Hospice of Dubuque , and those who have benefited from its services will gladly sing its praises. The local nonprofit, which began serving the tri-state area in 1983 with a mission of providing compassionate care for the terminally ill and their loved ones, has grown and evolved throughout the years. Today, services include specialized, patient-centered end-of-life care, as well as community education and bereavement programs. The organization’s core goal: to provide individualized care for the terminally ill that promotes comfort, dignity, quality of life and family involvement. How does Hospice of Dubuque achieve that goal? With 68 employees, 120 volunteers and a little help from the folks at DB&T.

“Every day is a blessing,” explains Hospice of Dubuque Executive Director Lavonne Noel. Working where she does, this realization is more palpable for her than most people, and her gratitude extends into her daily responsibilities. “What we do truly matters. Being able to help people live fully in the face of serious illness—to see how patients and their families are positively affected by our services—it’s a real privilege to be part of this.” 

Hospice Picture On average, Hospice of Dubuque aids over 800 patients in any given year. That’s hundreds tri-state residents receiving attentive, personalized care, and countless more family members and caregivers benefiting from the organization’s compassionate staff and volunteers. “After we became Medicare-certified in 1990, our operating model underwent some major changes—we went from an all-volunteer organization to a full-fledged medical provider. In a short period of time, our dedicated volunteers were joined by a professional staff representing a variety of disciplines. That switch enabled us to provide many more services and also called for additional administrative support.

“DB&T has been with us every step of the way. Credit cards, payment processing, online banking, direct deposit and payroll—as our needs have grown more complex, they not only provide us the appropriate products and services, but also support us in numerous ways.” In addition to contributing time and treasure to the organization’s capital campaign and other fund-raising efforts, DB&T employees also volunteer on Hospice of Dubuque’s Board of Directors. “We’re a nonprofit with a mission—that comes first—but it doesn’t mean we don’t want to be good money managers, too. DB&T understands our mission and why it matters, and provides us the tools we need to maximize our resources. Our relationship is more than a partnership. DB&T is integral to fulfilling our mission.”

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