There are many elements that contribute to a satisfying banking relationship including excellent facilities, a full range of financial services and convenient ways to deliver them such as Online banking. But the most important element is a caring team of seasoned banking professionals who are committed to make great things happen for you and your financial affairs.   
Meet the Business Banking Team 

William H. Callahan 
Market President 
(563) 589-2059 

David K. Gaylor 
Executive Vice President 
Senior Credit Officer 
(563) 589-2023 

Ronald L. Sterr 
Vice President 
Loan Officer 
(563) 589-2109 

Wayne Breckon 
Senior Vice President 
Loan Officer 
(563) 589-1978 

Leo S. Hickie 
Vice President 
Loan Officer 
(563) 587-4023 

Chad W. Wagener 
Vice President 
Loan Officer 
(563) 584-2594 

Jeffrey P. Timmerman 
Vice President, Business Development, Treasury Management 
(563) 589-2020 

Douglas H. Stillings 
Senior Vice President,  
Business Development,  
Treasury Management 
(563) 589-1976 

Deb Siegworth 
Vice President, Retail Business Development 
(563) 589-2026 

Rayne Krambeer 
Vice President, Commercial Banker 
(563) 589-2000 

Jeff J. Vaassen 
Business Development Officer,  Treasury Management 
(563) 589-2199 

Jeffrey Jochum 
Senior Business Banking Portfolio Manager 
(563) 589-2088 

Mark Wagner 
Business Banking Portfolio Manager 
(563) 589-1937 

Tanya Bottomley 
Business Banker 
Small Business Lending 
(563) 587-4054 

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