There are many elements that contribute to a satisfying banking relationship including convenient locations, a full range of financial services with easy access such as Online Banking.But the most important element is a caring team of banking professionals who are committed to make great things happen for you and your financial future.   
Meet your Personal Banking team 

Corissa Frederick 
Main Bank Office 
Branch Manager 
(563) 598-2114 
NMLS ID#: 537312 

Jackie Clewell 
Main Bank Office 
(563) 589-2175 
NMLS ID#: 537309 

Susie Quinn 
Asbury Office 
(563) 583-3495 
NMLS ID#: 523280 

Vicki Konichek 
Asbury Office 
(563) 587-3906 
NMLS ID#: 537317 

Jen Heim 
East Dubuque Office 
(815) 747-0154 
NMLS ID#: 949609 

Lynne Brant 
East Dubuque Office 
(815) 747-0155 
NMLS ID#: 949610 

Gayle Boeckenstedt 
Epworth Office 
(563) 876-5002 
NMLS ID#: 537308 

Karie Horsfield 
Farley Office 
(563) 744-3355 
NMLS ID#: 537314 

Sara Waldron 
Grandview Office 
(563) 589-2155 
NMLS ID#: 537320 

Connie Kluesner 
Holy Cross Office 
(563) 870-4142 
NMLS ID#: 728127 

Sandra Ernst 
Jackson Office 
(563) 690-2965 
NMLS ID#: 947415 

Marian Marshall 
Jackson Office 
(563) 690-2968 
NMLS ID#: 949611 

Jessy Williams 
Kennedy Mall Office 
(563) 589-2164 
NMLS ID#: 537323 

Linda Duccini 
Key West Office 
(563) 589-2173 
NMLS ID#: 537310 

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