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Alex Larson

Author: Alex Larson

Let Technology Help Drive your Financial Planning

The critical principle to remember when investment and planning for your future is there is no replacement for the time value of money and the impact that it has on your financial future. Compound interest and a disciplined investing approach can play an extraordinary role in laying the groundwork for a solid financial future.

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Stacey Hines

Author: Stacey Hines

New Baby Requires Evaluating Your Financial Plan

The moment you find out you are pregnant invokes a roller coaster of emotions. As you contemplate and dream about what your baby’s personality and physical features will be and who he or she will develop into, your thoughts may drift off to how this little blessing will change your life forever – including financially. Although no two children are alike, it is important to financially prepare for each child so you are equipped to handle anything that comes your way.

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Author: Jeff Vaassen

The Value Basket
From Professional Burger Flipper and Shake Maker to Small Business Banker

Burger flipping and shake making was my profession prior to getting into banking. I’m certain many business owners I work with today, either didn’t know that, nor would they think this would be of benefit to them now that I’m their banker.

Previous to entering the banking profession, I owned and operated two Culver’s Restaurants for eight years. I often times consider this my Masters Degree in Business Ownership. I guess the fact that it took me eight years to gain this “degree” provides me a great deal of perspective and knowledge to pass along to business owners today from the seat of a banker.

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Tyson Lyendecker

Author: Tyson Lyendecker

Consider succession planning a priority

When a wise man said “People like change… just not right now,” he could have been talking about changing ownership, especially in a family-owned business.

Setting clear, defined guidelines for a successful succession of ownership – either inside or outside the family – can be valuable going forward. Waiting until a change becomes necessary or is thrust upon you could very well be regrettable.

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