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Optimize cash flow, streamline operations and reduce fraud risk with the implementation of treasury solutions.

It’s more critical than ever to streamline your processes to optimize cash flow and maximize return on excess capital. Inefficient processes can cost your business valuable time and resources. As your financial partner, we can help optimize your payments and collections processes in addition to managing liquidity to resolve working capital challenges.

  • Payables

    Managing Payables

    Increase efficiency and control in your payment processes with our robust treasury management payables solutions.

    ACH Payments

    A convenient, low-cost way to make payments that eliminates the need for check printing, mailing and reconciling expenses and hassles associated with lost and stolen checks. Rest easy knowing your payments are made on time and have been accounted for.

    Wire Transfer

    Quickly and securely move business funds, U.S. dollars, and foreign currency to almost any domestic and international institution.

    Commercial Card Solutions

    Save time and money by automating vendor payments while also reducing payment fraud risk, managing travel and entertainment expenses, improving cash flow and adding a recurring revenue stream to your balance sheet.

    Integrated Payables

    The complete payment solution for ALL payment types, Integrated Payables turns expenses into revenue. A single platform gives you ONE payment solution for all payment types: Check, ACH and Virtual Card. With this cutting-edge technology, you can take advantage of cost savings, added fraud control, better vendor relations, and most importantly, we enroll vendors on your behalf so you can focus on your business!

  • Receivables

    Managing Receivables

    Give your working capital a boost through simplified billing and accelerated payment retrieval with our comprehensive receivable solutions.


    Enjoy accelerated access to your funds while still maintaining complete control over payment processing. Consolidating receivables to one place will eliminate manual data entry, significantly reduce errors, mitigate fraud, and free up the resources that were spent on processing payments in-house.


    Making deposits right from your desk will improve cash flow with more frequent deposits and faster access to funds, increase efficiency with fewer trips to the bank, and provide efficient reporting and images of deposited items.

    Mobile Remote Deposit

    Make a deposit from anywhere at any time with the Dubuque Bank and Trust mobile app.

    ACH Receivables

    Gain faster access to your accounts receivable and streamline your collection process.

    Wire Transfer

    Quickly and securely receive business funds from domestic and international vendors, all with same-day settlement.

    Merchant Services

    Provide the payment flexibility your customers desire, accelerate your access to your payments, and better protect your business from fraud. We partner with Heartland, one of the nation’s leading providers of payment processing services, to provide an extensive and flexible suite of solutions.

  • Fraud Management

    Fraud Management

    In 2022, 65% of businesses fell victim to payments fraud*. You can fight fraud and protect your business from financial loss by safeguarding your transactions.


    Positive Pay

    Take complete control of your disbursement activity to virtually eliminate fraud before it happens with this added layer of protection.

    ACH Positive Pay

    Control the ACH debits and credits that post to your business account with filters and blocks.

    Check Positive Pay

    Combats check fraud and forgery by comparing checks presented for payment against the checks you’ve issued in the past. The check number, account number, and dollar amounts are verified, and any discrepancies are flagged for you to review and either approve or decline.

    • Payee Positive Pay – In addition to the Check Positive Pay, Payee Positive Pay matches the receiving payee name to the payee name on your check issue file to provide ease in your reconciliation process.
    • Reverse Positive Pay – is also available.

    *2023 AFP Payments Fraud and Control Report.

  • Information Management

    Information Management

    Easily manage cash flow and optimize working capital with access to account and deposit reconciliation, reporting, eStatements, and much more.


    • Customizable reports to streamline daily processes
    • Easily integrate your online banking data with your accounting platform
    • Multiple file formats are available for reporting flexibility

    InBusiness Online Banking

    Our easy-to-use platform allows you convenient and secure management of your company’s finances from anywhere at any time.

    Optimize your finances with the following:


    • Schedule payments and create recurring payment streams
    • Increase efficiency for your accounts payable department
    • Conveniently manage Bill Pay, ACH, Wire, Positive Pay, and more
    • Easily access audit reporting and requirements such as proofs of payment and check images
    • Save time with bulk ACH processing

    Enhanced Security

    • Robust alerts (transactional or account)
    • Added layer of protection with dual-factor authentication for payments
    • Ability to set admin permissions, control access, and assign payment levels
    • Quickly and securely access your account with single sign-on

    Mobile Banking

    • Real-time banking at your fingertips
    • Conveniently manage your business finances on any device

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