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This company went from zero to $100 million in revenue in twelve months and aims to be a billion dollar company in its first five years. After starting and selling a pair of successful multimillion- and billion-dollar companies that each helped revolutionize the transportation logistics industry, this business owner formed his third enterprise in the private-freight marketplace.

“The team is the most important part of any company, especially a startup. I’m proud this bank is on ours.”

- Founder and Executive Chairman, Shipping and Logistics Company

Past success aside, in the first five years for startups, 90% of expenses are employee related, and what little profit remains is immediately reinvested in the company. So, this startup faced two significant challenges: managing tax liability and being able to produce the cash flow required to grow this new venture.

“Our banker gave me my first line of credit back when no one would talk to me. When starting this company, I knew he was the guy I wanted on my team.” Taking a holistic approach to the financial situation, and mindful of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, our banker made a key recommendation. “He suggested an Opportunity Zone strategy, where I’m able to offset capital gains taxes by reinvesting in impoverished areas and creating jobs. Doing so provided a tax credit that pays the salaries of our 80 employees, freeing up resources for us to reinvest and grow. The solution was nothing short of exceptional, which is exactly what I’ve come to expect from the experts here.”

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